Summer bikini diet!

Summer means see, beach, less clothing… but…also SUMMER BIKINI DIET! My favorite way to get back in shape is this easy and fast summer bikini diet. What about the fat we have accumulated during winter? It will disappear.

Summer bikini

Well, this can be a huge problem for many of us a small problem for others. To get back into shape there are many options.


The summer bikini diet will last for six weeks,but you will eat normally for 5 days out of two.

That’s why I love this summer bikini diet!

Practically you will fast two days a week for two weeks and for the rest of the time you can eat whatever you want.

There are easy rules to follow:

– fast on two non-consecutive days per week (let’s say, Monday and Thursday)

– eat normally on the other five days (healthy food!)

– workout for at least 30 minutes on your non-fasting days for at least three times a week

Following this summer bikini diet’s plan you will be able to drop a dress size within the summer .

After the first week your weight loss will be of about 2 or 4 lbs. Not so much, but this is a first step!

In six weeks your weight loss will be of about 20 lbs. Not bad, right?

There is another good news about this summer bikini diet:  it helps to reduce cellulite!

Summer bikini on PRINTEREST




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