Sample menus

SAMPLE MENU WITH 2000 calories a day

I was asking myself my almost daily question: what are we eating today? So I started browsing on google to find sample menus that can fit into my life.

I found the most interesting information on the homepage of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)


They have a lot of recipes, but also some sample menus with around 2000 calories a day.


I was really willing to use at least some of the samples for my family, but I realized that this kind of menus would not fit into our eating habit.

I think that the best way to feed the own family is to plan ahead a good balanced menu for the week, based also on the own taste and on the own lifestyle. I cannot plan to prepare very difficult recipes for dinner, if I work the whole day and I don’t have time or if I know that I will not able to prepare anything for any reasons. In that case I would end up in eating junk food or eating whatever I find ready to eat.

Plan ahead, plan well, eat healthy!




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