koftas + harissa + fragrant couscous

delicious variation to the usual BBQ, flavor from Greek

food for thought

These beef and lamb koftas are simple to make and taste great cooked on a BBQ.


Combine lamb mince with double the amount of beef mince. Add crushed garlic, cumin powder, mild paprika, parsley, a handful of  breadcrumbs and salt and pepper to taste. Shape into long meatballs and cook over medium heat until just cooked through.

harissaFor some fiery heat use this home-made harissa as a condiment. Soak 40g (1½ oz) of Chinese long red dried chillis for at least half an hour. Roast and grind 1½ tablespoons of cumin seeds and 1½ tablespoons of coriander seeds. Finely dice 4 cloves of garlic. Drain the chillies and place in a food processor with the spices, garlic, salt to taste, 2 roasted red peppers, ½ a cup of tomato paste and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Process while adding ½ cup or more of good extra virgin olive oil until a good consistency is achieved. This keeps well in a jar…

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