Once upon a time

Once upon a time there were four children in a beautiful family.

They were curious and creative and their curiosity was nurtured mostly by the fact that there was so much to do around in their house.

Lot of books, the newest technology and a lot of old traditions were a fantastic mix for their learning appetite. Open minded, they thought that everything is possible in life.

One of the persons that influenced their life in many ways was their Grandma: she was always doing something in the kitchen!

She never used cooking books or other similar things, but she was able to prepare wonderful and simple meals for the whole family every day.

There was never a leftover that was not used later to create a new recipe from scratch!

She was also a very curious person: she always asked friends and relatives about new ways to cook or to combine food.

That’s the main idea that we, these grown-ups-no-more-children, had as genesis for easyplate: our Grandma’s idea about an eating style full of love, healthy and at the same time simple, easy and affordable.

We are working on our recipe’s database for you, but we would really love you to submit your recipe too!

And… don’t forget to link to your blog/page!





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