London Day 2: Cellarium (Lunch)

Lunch in London… how delicious but simple a lunch can be!


Day 2 was the day to check out Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey is an amazing Gothic styled church and the traditional location for coronations.

After, it was lunch time and within Westminster Abbey (before the exit) is a nice little cafe called the Cellarium: Cafe and Terrace. In the 14th century, this was where monks stored food and drink but now it has become a beautiful cafe.

My family and I all ordered different dishes.

My dad ordered Scottish salmon, caper & parsley fish cake with sorrel sauce.



I’m sad I didn’t get to try this because it looks so good and I love fish cakes.

My mom ordered the Grilled steak sandwich with thyme, caramelised onions & grain mustard mayonnaise on ciabatta. 



My mom said she loved this sandwich with the steak well done and the onions were nicely caramelised as well.

I ordered the Smoked ham, harissa mayonnaise 

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