Wild and Exotic! Fruits…

Chilean Adventures of the Pelirroja Peligrosa

Part of my terribly exciting life in the magical land of Chile is that I get to eat cool things.  Being a vegetarian, I miss out on many parts of Chilean cuisine, such as the exotic-sounding anticucho, which is actually just meat on a stick.

Chile is truly distinctive because it is relatively isolated from the rest of the world—there’s a huge desert to the north, a huge mountain range to the east, a huge ocean to the west, and to the south… well, there’s the South Pole.  In addition to this isolation, Chile has an astoundingly diverse geography.  Mix these two together, and you get crazy varieties of unique foodstuffs that you—and many Chileans, for that matter—have never even heard of.

Fortunately, friends, I am here to share some of the wonders of the fruits (and maybe an algae or so) that I’ve tried while in Chile.

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