Crockpot Yogurt, yogurt “ricotta” and Labneh (Yogurt Cheese)


I have only bought yogurt sporadically this year and wanted to try making it. The net abounds with versions of crockpot yogurt and labneh, which looked too good not to try for a girl who likes her creamy things!!

I can access farm milk locally cheaper but do have to drive some distance to get it so thought I would just splash out, try everything and see how we went with it before I make a trip down to this farm. I will be making these alot, I am so pleased with how it turned out. The starter yogurt just has to be bought initially. You need 1 tub, or 1/2 cup for each litre of milk. These were 60c each and the milk $2.50 per lire carton. So, it cost just over 1/2 the price for 2 litres of greek yogurt (if not on special).  Postnote: I have…

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