Healthy deliciousness, not an oxymoron: the perfect roasted vegetables

Whatsoever Lovely

We all know plenty of people who don’t like vegetables or just tolerate them. We have a friend who says, “I don’t eat my food’s food.” Those of us who love vegetables start to feel a little like vegetable evangelists trying to convince everyone around us that vegetables are delicious and healthy. These recipes are inspired by Ina Garten, Food Network star, genius. If you try any of these, you’ll surely be converted! People have had their hearts changed about vegetables after tasting these recipes.

The trick to making great vegetables is: don’t overcook. The reason why Chinese stir-fry vegetables are so good is because they are stir-fried at high eat and don’t spend much time stewing in the wok. When vegetables are not overdone, they are fresh, bright, and tender-crisp. One of the easiest things to do is roast vegetables. It’s simple and requires very little prep. The vegetables get…

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