#23 Chocolate Apricot Upside-Down Cake

I will try this recipe this weekend! I am excited about it…

Sweet Tooth Mama

This was another one of those, “I have no idea if this will be any good” cakes. Chocolate and Apricot? That sounded weird to me. I was excited about how easy this one looked though. But what I wasn’t excited about was the cardamom. I didn’t have any cardamom and when I went to the store the cheapest (pre-ground) cardamom was over $14!! In a very normal ~3oz sized spice jar. Ridiculous. And of course, the generic brand didn’t carry any. The only other option was closer to $17, so I went with the $14 bottle. Most expensive cake so far, just because of the cardamom.

I was excited to be able to make this one because apricots JUST arrived at my grocery store. Middle of May might be a bit early for apricots, but they looked good, and I sampled one and it was delicious so I don’t have…

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