Messing up with food

Yesterday I was going to cook something for our lunch but also to take a beautiful picture for our homepage www.easyplate.netSpaghetti at I decided that I wanted to prepare “spaghetti aglio olio”… well I did a huge mistake!

I didn’t look if I had everything I needed before  starting. I was pretty sure to have all what I wanted, so I started cooking.

As for such a recipe you don’t really need to prepare a sauce before cooking the spaghetti, I started with letting boil the salted water  in the pot.

Then I took the spaghetti, put in the pot, set the timer and started to prepare the oil in the pan. I took a clove of garlic and…. I realized that I missed fresh tomatoes!!!

Well, that’s not an ingredient that people normally use for this recipe, but I USE IT!

I didn’t know what to do. I really don’t like this spaghetti recipe without fresh tomatoes that saute` in oil and garlic with black pepper and paprika. The tomato is part of our tradition!

I started thinking… I add then in the oil few tablespoons tomato sauce, capers, anchovies and I transformed my initial recipe into a “spaghetti a la pizzaiola- fast version”.  Normally you would need a little bit more time for the sauce, but using only few spoons of tomato sauce helps reducing the cooking time.

NEXT TIME: I will remember to look before even starting IF I have all the needed ingredients.


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