How to make a pink risotto

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Diary of a Vegan in a Hurry


Blueberry wheats with fruit salad (from a tin!), soya milk


Blueberry wheats are great with soya milk and tinned fruit is a good way to get some vitamins without spending too much money. It may look a little drab but it still tastes good.


Chickpea, almond and sultana salad, apple, sesame snaps

I have to admit that the decision to have a salad resulted from a lack of vegan margarine rather than any kind of sudden anti-carbohydrate resolution. I didn’t have time to make a cooked meal and I always find that sandwiches are disappointingly dry without the unseen but crucial presence of margarine.

The salad was just a combination of some leaves and store cupboard ingredients but it actually tasted really great. To make it for one person, you just need generous handfuls of leafy salad and chickpeas, plus a good sprinkling of sultanas and salted nuts…

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