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Sample menus

SAMPLE MENU WITH 2000 calories a day

I was asking myself my almost daily question: what are we eating today? So I started browsing on google to find sample menus that can fit into my life.

I found the most interesting information on the homepage of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)


They have a lot of recipes, but also some sample menus with around 2000 calories a day.


I was really willing to use at least some of the samples for my family, but I realized that this kind of menus would not fit into our eating habit.

I think that the best way to feed the own family is to plan ahead a good balanced menu for the week, based also on the own taste and on the own lifestyle. I cannot plan to prepare very difficult recipes for dinner, if I work the whole day and I don’t have time or if I know that I will not able to prepare anything for any reasons. In that case I would end up in eating junk food or eating whatever I find ready to eat.

Plan ahead, plan well, eat healthy!




Food plate and nutrition

Food plate

Story of Food plate and nutrition

Today I was reading an article about the history of the first two food triangles and of the new food plate. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) made the first two food pyramids in the early 1900s but the USDA was founded in the late 1800s /early 1900.

The first two food triangles lasted for about 5 decades and a half until the USDA came to a decision and made the newer version which is a plate instead of a pyramid. The first pyramid the USDA ever made was in 1952, but that pyramid had only four food groups instead of 5. It had horizontal lines and many doctors said that it had a lot of flaws. So the USDA came up with a better idea and made the same thing only improved some things.

For the second food pyramid the USDA made had vertical lines instead of horizontal lines and added two more food groups. They also added a staircase with a stick person climbing up, to remind people that they had to exercise. But the problem was that many Americans did not know what the colors stood for.

That is what led to the newest “food pyramid” or the food plate. The food plate has changed from the second food pyramid to the food plate and it is the newest version of the food pyramids. It has many new things like the fact that it is shaped like a plate instead of a pyramid. It also has five food groups instead of six.

The USDA helped make the first two food pyramids and also helped make the food plate which helped the U.S. stay healthy and eat healthy. The USDA also agreed with first lady Michelle Obama that people never ate off of pyramids.